Best Gaming News Sites

  • November 28, 2018

There are various games are available at online but which game we need to play means which game is best to play we don’t know that why we provide best news site to check which game is best and get higher ranking as well as which one is popular in market.

Best Gaming News Sites

Best Gaming News Sites

1. Destructoid
Destructoid is a news site that provides news related to games. Destructoid sites home page displays information of latest news, updates, reviews etc. Category of that site is Reviews, Shows, Popular, FLIX as well as Community Blogs. Owner of Destructoid is Enthusiast Gaming.

2. GamesReader+
GamesReader+ website provide information of latest games rating and reviews given by the customer of that game so we can know that this game is playable for your or not.

3. Game Informer
Game Informer is a website as well as Magazine. Which provides information like article, blogs, strategy, news etc… Publisher of that site as well as Magazine is GameStop. Game Informer is based on Minneapolis, Minnesota.

4. Metacritic
Metacritic is a website which provides information about Movies, Games, TV, Music etc… Metacritic provide games information or news like upcoming latest games, Best Games, High Ranking or Rating games as well as provides blog related to games and also compare reviews.

5. Nintendo Life
Nintendo Life site is use to get information as well as it also use for entertainment purpose. Nintendo Life side is owned and operated by Nlife Media and created by Cuttlefish Multimedia ltd. That site covering the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Wii, 3DS, eShop and similar..

6. GameSpot
GameSpot is a website which provides information on games like review of game, rating of games, news of games, previews, and other information. GameSpot is very useful website we must visit that web site to get information or news related to popular as well as latest games.

7. Christ Centered Gamer
Christ Centered Gamer is a web site which provides information or news of games. That site can get review from user and rank a game on their game play, controls and other quality. That site also provide information in form of Blog.

8. Ign
IGN stand for Imagine Games Network. IGN is an American video game which operated by IGN Entertainment. That site available in many languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Greek and so on. IGN is also website which provide information of games.

9. GameZone
GameZone is a site which provide online news related to games. GameZone side provide feature like rating, review, Latest game Updates etc…

10. Gamezebo
Gamezebo website provides information of games like mobile gaming industry, reviews, rating, news, interviews, blogs etc…

11. Eurogamer
Eurogamer is a news site which provides news of video games like review, rating, Game Journalism and other features. Owner of Eurogamer is Gamer Network (ReedPOP). Most of the European are use that website and give reviews and rating to the game.

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