Names of Animals That Start with Letter B

Here we are talking about popular Animals whose names start with B. In total, there are at the least 34 animals whose names begin with the letter “B”. These animals include the likes of Baboon, Badger, Bald eagle, Bandicoot, Barnacle, Barracuda and many more. So let's see what animals are there? its name start with the letter B.

List of Animals That Start with B

Names of Animals That Start with Letter B

Animals That Start With B
1. Baboon
2. Badger
3. Bald eagle
4. Bandicoot
5. Barnacle
6. Barracuda
7. Bat
8. Bass
9. Bear
10. Bearded dragon
11. Beaver
12. Beetle
13. Bee
14. Beluga whale
15. Bengal tiger
16. Bilby
17. Binturong
18. Bird
19. Bison
20. Blue Whale
21. Black mamba
22. Black rhino
23. Blue crab
24. Blue whale
25. Boa constrictor
26. Boar
27. Bobcat
28. Bonobo
29. Booby
30. Buffalo
31. Bullfrog
32. Bumble Bee
33. Butterfly
34. Buzzard

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