What is Mission Shakti?

  • May 15, 2019

The second technological breakthrough is archived by the India and on Wednesday 27 March India is create history when A-SAT means anti satellite system and that anti satellite system is developed by the DRDO or because of that achievement the India become fourth nation over the world to have technology as well as until now the China, United states and Russia is mastered this technology. Mission Shakti is an important step for safety of India as well as the Mission Shakti is become strength of India.

Mission Shakti

What is Mission Shakti?

So here we describe about the anti-satellite weapon ASAT means mission Shakti so first of all the anti-satellite weapon ASAT is launched on 27 March, 2019 Wednesday morning at 11:16 as well as only in three minutes successfully destroyed and that live satellite was approx 300 kilometers far from the earth. For Security of India as well as economic growth and also for technological advancement the Mission Shakti means anti-satellite weapon ASAT is an important and the anti-satellite weapon ASAT is give new strength to the India we don’t have any doubt on it.

Mission Shakti is denote the growing powers and process of the India's space technology as well as the Mission Shakti is announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Prime Minister is also set a goal of that mission and that was not to start an arms race but main goal is that to defend the space assets of the country.

Here we describe that what is A-SAT so the A-SAT is a Anti Satellite Missile and that missile is destroy satellites and that pose a serious threat to the defense and security of a nation like that missile is useful for spying on military installations as well as indulging in military action and also use as threatening its space assets and the main thing about it is that A-SAT is launched by planes or grounds only.

Now India is at par with US, Russia and China and the important part of that missile is that it is developed indigenously by the Development Organization and also by the Defense Research and now a day India is developing its own technologies and that is big achievements for India Scientists.

Mission Shakti is denotes the prestige of government and the country as well as that successful test shows that India have capability to intercept a satellite in outer space and that missile will go a long way in strengthening and the security of the country as well as India is also use that technologies for commercial purposes means at the domestic level as well as on the international level also.

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What is Mission Shakti?

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